Do It Solo (Yolo)

I just got back from a trip two weeks ago. I went to Seoul alone. No friends, no family. All by myself (like that song, you know). It was my very first time going to Seoul but wasn’t the first time I went alone for a vacation.

I always like doing things on my own, that’s why I much prefer going on a trip alone. I make itinerary based on things that I’d love to see or experience in a city. I don’t have to restrict myself to a schedule. I’m free to change things up. There’s no need to compromise with other people on how I like to spend my time. No fuss, no hassle! Of course, every trip, be it solo, with a group of friends, or on a tour has its own pros and cons.

My friends always ask me, how can I go alone and how do I survive? Especially in a country where English is not widely spoken. Well, it’s not that hard! Google + internet is your friend! It’s only one click away and you’ll get all the information you need!

Below are my tips for anyone who’s ready to go on a personal journey somewhere:

    1. List the things you like and things you wanna do in the city that you’re visiting.
    2. Find out more about the area. Make itinerary based on how close it is to get from one place to another. It will definitely save time and energy.
    3. Get to know about their cultures and their do’s and don’ts so you won’t get culture-shocked once you arrive.
    4. Download apps that will make your trip a whole lot easier. There’s a whole lot of them so you can choose what you like. I personally love Citymaps2go. You can download map from different cities and you can navigate your way using the app. What I love about it that it’s so easy to use and you can even use it without internet connection. I also like to download the transportation system app so I can get around the city easily.
    5. Learn the basic phrases in their language like how to say ‘Hello’, ‘Excuse me’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Please’, ‘How much’, etc. To tie in with my #4 tips, you can download apps that will help you with the language but there is no harm in learning these basic phrases. In my experience, it will help you a lot with communicating with the locals.
    6. Last but not least, don’t forget to check the weather forecast so you can be prepared and dress accordingly!

That’s basically it! Traveling alone is not as scary as you might think! Now book that ticket and go explore!

3 thoughts on “Do It Solo (Yolo)

  1. I’m gooing to South Korea too on January 2017 :)
    Aku penasaran gimana cara kamu meyakinkan orang tua untuk bisa traveling sendirian, dan ini pengen banget aku lakuin saat ke Korea tahun depan.
    Tiket PP udah di tangan tapi sampai saat ini belum tau kalimat yang tepat buat ngomong sama ortu kalo aku akhirnya akan terbang ke sana.
    Banyak ketakutan sebenernya tapi nekatnya sebanding sama takutnya.
    Really needs your advice.
    Sorry for my English hehehe.

    Salam kenal :)


    1. Yay! Klo aku untungnya orang tua ga pernah ngelarang buat traveling sendirian. Klo orang tua kamu khawatir, yakinin mereka dengan cara ngasih itinerary lengkap dan bilang ke mereka klo di Korea negaranya cukup aman jadi harusnya ga masalah klo pergi sendirian. Jangan lupa ngasih tau kamu tinggalnya dimana sama nomor telepon tempat kamu tinggal. Terus kamu juga jangan lupa info ke orang tua kamu lagi dimana lewat video chat jadi orang tua bisa ngeliat keadaan kamu. Moga-moga orang tua kamu bakal ga keberatan ya. Happy solo traveling!


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