I’m DwD (that’s my screen name for the purpose of the blogosphere).

Things I love:

      • Food (I have a list of food/restaurant/cafe I have yet to try on my iPhone)
      • Cats + Corgis + Shibas (I wanna raise 2 cats, 1 Corgi and 1 Shiba when I have home of my own)
      • Baby blue (although strangely I don’t own a lot of baby blue items for someone who loves the color)
      • Stripes/polkadots clothing (seriously if you see my wardrobe, it’s piles and piles of stripes/polkadots dress and shirts)
      • Shoes (I’m more of a shoe-girl than a bag-lady only because a good bag costs so much more I cry)
      • Cute/well-designed packaging (I’m a sucker for this!)
      • Writing (obviously)
      • Lip syncing to songs (I wish I could sing and make a Youtube video but my voice is far from decent so lip syncing will do for me)
      • Traveling (NYC! Copenhagen! Japan! Australia! I’ll see you soon!!!)

If you think you have something in common with me, do leave me a message! Maybe we can be friends!


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