Just Dance!

I’ve been listening to a lot of K-R&B songs nowadays and I’m obsessed with Dean and Crush.

Two weeks ago, I couldn’t stop listening to Dean – Half Moon (D) and one night, I decided to check out the music video. That brought me to a dance choreography video by 1 Million Studio. I instantly fell in love with Junsun Yoo, the choreographer! I found out more about him and turns out he’s YooA OhMyGirl’s brother! I started checking out his other dance choreography videos and I especially love Woo Ahh by Crush and Boys and Girls by Zico and Babylon. I religiously watch his video every day! That’s how much I love it! <3

There’s something fascinating and beautiful about how dancers move. You can be fluid and elegant but also strong and powerful. I’m so jealous of these people. I wish I could dance like them. I love dancing but I know my capability LOL.

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