Evolving Style


Now that I’m almost 30 (gasp!), I feel like I need to change my style. There’s a couple of items in my wardrobe that I no longer wear because I just think it doesn’t suit me anymore.

Speaking of style, I have always had interest in fashion. I wanted to be a fashion designer when I grew up. I had lots of drawing books filled with drawings of stick figures in crazy outfits. Then I stopped drawing in middle school and started dressing up. My personal style had started to form in college. I wore mostly bright, colorful top paired with shorts. Then after I graduated, I shifted to more androgyny look by wearing shirts and sometimes with a blazer for a more refined look. Once I got a job, I started to buy more dresses.

My current favorite style is something clean and minimalist. If I had disposable income, I’d love to go and buy everything at COS, APC, Acne, The Row, The Kooples and the likes but unfortunately I don’t. The good news is that there are so many options in the market nowadays, especially with the booming online/Instagram fashion store which offers great selection of clothes with fraction of the price.

For me, I always pick an item that will last. Something that I can mix and match with another items that I already have. I rarely buy something that is on trend unless I’m 100% sure it will work with my style. Of course there were times that I caved and bought things that wouldn’t go well after a couple of seasons. What I did with those was giving it to donation so I won’t have a bunch of unused clothes pile up in my wardrobe.

To conclude, don’t let fashion trends steer you. Make your own style! Looking chic is not about wearing the most expensive and the latest fashion item but rather wearing what looks good in your body. If you look good, you’ll feel good. ;)

2 thoughts on “Evolving Style

  1. Tia (ciyeeee, udah tau identitas asli hahaha), I think you should really start a style blog. Gilule, aku tuh ngefans banget sama style kamu tiap kali liat wara-wiri di kantor!


    1. Ohmy dikomen Kak Laila di blog! XD Dulu aku pernah punya blog fashion tapi setelah beberapa bulan ga dilanjutin lagi. I’m terrible at keeping my blog updated *sambil bersih-bersih blog ini dari debu gara-gara udah lama ga nulis*


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